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Studies in Learning, Evaluation, Innovation and Development:  
Vol. 2, No. 3 (December, 2005)
Special theme issue: Retaining attrition?
guest editorial
Guest editors' introduction to special theme issue: Retaining attrition? Jay Somasundaram, Don Bowser and Patrick Alan Danaher PDF
pp i-vi
refereed articles
Ensuring student success - the role of support services in improving the quality of the student learning experience Deborah Peach PDF
pp 1-15
Re-conceptualising attrition and retention: integrating theoretical. research and student perspectives Jill Lawrence PDF
pp 16-33
The costs and benefits of student retention for students, institutions and governments Ormond Simpson PDF
pp 34-43
Getting them thinking: The role of the student questionnaire in promoting academic and social integration Muriel Strahm and Geoff Danaher PDF
pp 44-54
Serious thoughts about dropping out in first year: Trends, patterns and implications for higher education Kerri-Lee Krause PDF
pp 55-68
Student attrition before and after modifications in distance course delivery Karen Gallie PDF
pp 69-76
Attrition in Japanese language learning at Central Queensland University Carol Ann Ferguson and Peter Grainger PDF
pp 77-88
Reflections on retention and persistence: Institutional actions on behalf of student persistence Vincent Tinto PDF
pp 88-96
book/media reviews
Seidman, A. (Ed.). (2005). College student retention: Formula for student success Don Bowser PDF
pp 97-98