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Studies in Learning, Evaluation, Innovation and Development:  
Vol. 1, No. 2 (November, 2004)
Best practice in University learning and teaching: Learning from our challenges (Part 2)
refereed articles
An assessment strategy to help forestall plagiarism problems Ingrid Kennedy PDF
pp 1-8
Can students improve performance by clicking more? Engaging students through online delivery Jenny Kofoed PDF
pp 9-18
Challenging enterprises and subcultures: Interrogating ‘best practice’ in Central Queensland University’s course management systems Jo Luck, David Jones, Jeanne McConachie and P. A. Danaher PDF
pp 19-31
Managing learner interactivity: A precursor to knowledge exchange Ken Purnell, Jim Callan, Greg Whymark and Anna Gralton PDF
pp 32-44
Medication mathematics competency for bachelor of nursing students: Results and challenges of a first year screening test Teresa Sander and Sonja Cleary PDF
pp 45-52
DE Mentor: The challenge of supporting distance learners Phillipa Sturgess and Mark Kennedy PDF
pp 53-60
Online learning predicates teamwork: Collaboration underscores student engagement Greg Whymark, Jim Callan and Ken Purnell PDF
pp 61-71
A milestone in the maturation of the scholarship of teaching and learning: The inauguration of a new journal Moya L. Andrews PDF
pp 72-76