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Studies in Learning, Evaluation, Innovation and Development:  
Vol. 1, No. 1 (October, 2004)
Best practice in University learning and teaching: Learning from our challenges (Part 1)
The director's cut: The Central Queensland University teaching and learning showcase and studies in learning, evaluation, innovation and development Jeanne McConachie PDF
pp i-ii
guest editorial
'Best practice' and 'challenges' in university teaching and learning: An editorial introduction and a contextual framework Scot Aldred, Leone Hinton and Patrick Danaher PDF
pp 1-7
refereed articles
Re-entry to nursing: Student focus in the competence assessment service program Jenny Anastasi PDF
pp 8-15
Moving towards excellence: Creating a teaching framework that challenges musicians to a pursuit of excellence Judith E Brown PDF
pp 16-23
The development and use of background mathematics materials needed by students for engineering programs at Central Queensland University Antony Dekkers PDF
pp 24-31
Paradigm shift: From traditional to online education Karren Gallie and Darren Joubert PDF
pp 32-36
Plagiarism: Learning from our challenges Leone Hinton PDF
pp 37-46
The conceptualisation of e-learning: Lessons and implications David Jones PDF
pp 47-55
The challenge of flexible and non-traditional learning and teaching methods: Best practice in every situation? Jo Kehoe, Beth Tennent and Karen Windeknecht PDF
pp 56-63