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embedding an internal evaluation culture (aheef 2012)
A case study of embedding a culture of self-review and evaluation using evaluative conversations at Otago Polytechnic Stuart Terry and Glenice Mayo PDF
Engineering education quality enhancement: A case study at the School level in the University Arun Patil, Chenicheri (Sid) Nair, Jo Miller, Amanullah Maung Than Oo, Patrick Keleher and Fae Martin PDF
Embedding an internal evaluation culture: Critical issues for consideration from an innovative model Fay Patel PDF
REFRAME: a new approach to evaluation in higher education Lyn Alderman and Larissa Melanie PDF
Internal evaluation systems and the creation of a peerless bureaucracy Simon Burgess PDF
Does the timing of evaluations matter? An investigation into online student feedback and whether timing has an impact Julie-Ann Pegden and Beatrice Tucker PDF
Student surveys and feedback: Strategic solution for all tertiary education institutions Mahsood Shah and Chenicheri Sid Nair PDF
Intentionally (or not) ignored: Engaging transnational students in surveys and feedback Mahsood Shah, Chenicheri Sid Nair and Barbara de la Harpe PDF
Tertiary education quality perceptions in developed countries, during and after a half-century of internal evaluations Samanthala Hettihewa and Christopher S Wright PDF
Embedding a robust evaluative culture through policy review Sara Booth, Cassandra Saunders and Yang Yang PDF
Using Rubrics to assist teachers to embed evaluation feedback in the development of their teaching and learning Trudy Harris, Dorothy Spiller, Michele Schoenberger-Orgad and Cheryl Cockburn-Wootten PDF
Achieving high student evaluation of teaching response rates through a culture of academic-student collaboration Diana Knight, Vishen Naidu and Shelley Kinash PDF
Student evaluations of teaching: The studentsí perspective Trudy Harris and Linda Twiname PDF
On-line, on-target and on-message Course evaluation enhancements at a regional university Reed Rob, Jo Miller and Jan Thomson PDF
Evaluation of student satisfaction using a mission-oriented approach Nachamma Sockalingam PDF