SLEID Home > Archives > Vol. 7, No. 3 (December, 2010)
Editorial introduction Geoff Danaher and Phillipa Sturgess PDF
regional university futures
Learning relationships in online contexts: An educational response to declining rates of participation and a means of support for undergraduate students Dolene M Rossi PDF
The Resonating World of the Regional Mind+Brain Terry S. Maybury PDF
unthemed articles
People, pedagogy and the power of connection Alice M Brown and Shirley E Reushle PDF
Engaging 21st Century Learners: A Multidisciplinary, Multiliteracy Art-Museum Experience Arlene L. Barry PDF
Student-Based Instruction: More Than a Method Evan T Ortlieb PDF
Student success at university: Using early profiling and interventions to support learning Ken Purnell, Roslyn McCarthy and Mary McLeod PDF
Enhancing evaluation of a large scale civic education initiative with community-based focus groups Liliana Rodríguez-Campos, Michael J Berson, Aarti P. Bellara, Corina M. Owens and Connie Walker-Egea PDF
Online education perceptions of community college students entering a bachelors program: A two year study Phillip D Coleman and Ray J Blankenship PDF
The Comparative Effectiveness of Web-Based and Classroom Instruction: Student Demographics vs. Learning Outcomes Don J Altmyer and Sheng-Ping Yang PDF
Interactive electronic mathematics presentations for the classroom Colleen M Eddy, Barba Patton and Lei Ann Girndt PDF