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Studies in Learning, Evaluation, Innovation and Development:  
Vol. 5, No. 1 (April, 2008)
Women in Research: Contemporary Issues in research (A)
guest editorial
Women in Research: Contemporary issues in research Kylie Radel and Angela Dobele PDF
pp i-iii
refereed articles
Finding a space to make an impact within the contemporary world Bronwyn Fredericks and Pamela Croft PDF
pp 1-12
“How hard can it be?” Navigating our way through an ethical storm surge Vicki Pascoe and Kylie Radel PDF
pp 13-23
Making an impact researching with Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples Bronwyn Fredericks PDF
pp 24-33
Academic rejection: the coping strategies of women Tara Evans, Angela Dobele, Nicole Hartley and Ian Benton PDF
pp 34-45
By the way… Self-confidence – the key to success? Geraldine Neal, Teresa Moore, Lorna Moxham, Debbie Owens and Kristy Richardson PDF
pp 46-58
To hell and back: lives lived and the lessons we can all learn Angela Dobele, Jennifer O’Loughlin O’Loughlin and Lee-Anne Maher PDF
pp 59-69
‘Fitting in’ in a ‘stand out’ culture: an examination of the interplay of collectivist and individualist cultural frameworks in the Australian university classroom. Alison Owens PDF
pp 70-80
The perceived ease of use of ibrainz technology in property law and taxation law Jennifer Butler and Kristy Richardson PDF
pp 81-98