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Studies in Learning, Evaluation, Innovation and Development:  
Vol. 4, No. 1 (July, 2007)
Creativity and Play
guest editorial
Guest editors’ introduction to special themed edition: Creativity and play in the regions Jeannette Delamoir and Geoff Danaher PDF
pp i-iii
refereed articles
Play, creativity, and the regional university Jeannette Delamoir PDF
pp 1-10
The region as performance space: A distinctive take on the creative industries Geoff Danaher PDF
pp 11-19
Creativity: Not the economics, but the art, of living Sue North PDF
pp 20-28
Facilitating futures in the creative industries: A study of regional Australian university writing students D.L. Brien PDF
pp 29-40
The humanity of creativity: The transformative value of the imagination in setting up sites for new knowledge construction Donna Wright PDF
pp 41-53
Unlocking creativity in tertiary students Mary McLeod, Roslyn McCarthy and Bradley McConachie PDF
pp 54-66
Play and flow: Implications for online Steven Pace PDF
pp 67-78
Living data in the Lower Balonne: Cultural enablement or cultural imposition? Janet McDonald PDF
pp 79-90
non-refereed articles
The waving torch draws unbelievable pictures Rhian Hinkley and Tessa Dwyer PDF
pp 91-96