Studies in Learning, Evaluation, Innovation and Development > Vol. 9, No. 1 (2012)

Evaluation of student satisfaction using a mission-oriented approach

Nachamma Sockalingam, SIM University


This conceptual paper proposes measurement of student satisfaction using a mission-oriented approach and presents an evaluation questionnaire to assess academic services using this approach. The underpinning idea is that satisfaction on university services should be measured against university’s mission and vision rather than a generic set of measurements on teaching and learning to provide meaningful information on and for internal processes. Every university has a unique vision and mission; some are more research-focused than others. Therefore, it is necessary that evaluation of student satisfaction is matched with university’s specific vision and mission. To this end, the paper presents development of a mission-oriented student evaluation questionnaire from a Singapore university and explains how data obtained could be presented to the various internal stakeholders. An advantage of the mission-oriented approach is the generalizability within the university since the underpinning tenet is universal and not school-specific or discipline-specific. Overall, the mission-oriented approach presents an internal and integral process of self-assessment to progress towards university’s educational goals.

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