Studies in Learning, Evaluation, Innovation and Development > Vol. 8, No. 1 (2011)

Wresting wrangling and reaping: An exploration of educational practice and the transference of academic knowledge and skill in online learning contexts

Dolene Rossi, CQUniversity
Jo Luck, CQUniversity


Throughout the world, the field of education finds itself in a state of flux as it endeavours to integrate a potentially powerful mix of communication media and innovative technologies. Online environments currently represent one of the fastest growing contexts for adult learning and offer an educational domain with a unique potential for interaction, participation and collaboration. Perpetual technological development has created a relentless demand for new knowledge and skills. In this backdrop acdemics, with little or no history of online learning are charged with the task of designing and developing authentic, effective, online educational experiences for a diverse range of students. Although there is recognition that the intersection between education and technology requires more than the replacement of the old with the new, most academics utilise today’s technical tools to administer teaching and learning and provide access to content. Thus, the pedagogical potential of online learning contexts are yet to be fully realised. This paper explores the relationship between educational theory and pedagogical practice and examines the process and potential transference of academic knowledge and skill within different online learning contexts. The discussion is based on the experience of the authors, with knowledge and skill in the development and implementation of online teaching and learning, using three different course management systems. The content, which is primarily reflective, is grounded in practice and theoretically based. The paper culminates in a discussion of the implications for educational practice of the transference of academic knowledge and skill within online learning contexts in the higher education sector.

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